Monday, April 17, 2006

2006 Pieces of Flair Robot-Song-Off winner announced!

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It's official - congratulations to Lesley Braden (see below middle) of Sequin Socks! Her song, "Gears of Fire," was the clear winner!

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Sequin Socks is musician/producer Braden's latest musical project. Out of Seattle, Braden tries her best to bring together pop music and obscure influences to create a style of music that is catchy and danceable, as well as appealing to those who listen to music more cerebrally. Sequin Socks gleans the good out of the cheesy bad music from the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s and places that into a modern music format. Braden uses her recording studio as a musical instrument, writing songs while simultaneously recording and mixing them. With this technique, she feels that sound qualities and the way that different sounds interact become as important to a song as the chord changes and the melody.

In the past, Braden has played in rock bands, produced albums, studied ethnomusicology, and released ambient music under the name Stars and Information Forever. Sequin Socks is a new musical incarnation that will, hopefully, reach a much wider audience. Braden is planning to see a full-length Sequin Socks LP finished by the end of the summer and to start playing shows to support the album and secure distribution of the album beyond Seattle. To keep up to date on information, visit or go to

Not only does she get to hold the title of 2006 Pieces of Flair Robot-Song-Off winner, but she gets to take home a lovely prize package including Nihilist Gum, a plush Cthulhu, a Toothpaste for Dinner t-shirt and other amazing items highlighted on Pieces of Flair. AWESOME!

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KEv and Victor Lams tied for second place with "Robot Voice - Revolution" and "A Robot Overcompensates," respectively.

Honorable mentions go out to Mr. Miro's "Tiny Robots" and "Robot Discotheque" by xoxos.

Thanks to all that participated! If you missed the songs, here they all are once more:

Entry #1: "Gears of Fire" by Sequin Socks
Creator Lesley Braden describes the tune as "a song about forbidden robot love, the longing of love by a robot who knows its function in life is only to serve another, not to satisfy its own emotional needs."

Entry #2: "Robodance" by Sonic Love
Jojo explains that the song is "about an elderly robot acting tough."

Entry #3: "My Robot" by Duncan Parsons
Duncan says that "It's about a chap's relationship with his plastic pal who's fun to be with."

Entry #4: "Dancing Machine" by Let's Audio
"Parappa the Rapper" lead artist Rodney Greenblat tells us that "my friend Abby Denson and I made [this] nice robot disco song in 2001 for our CD - LET'S AUDIO."

Entry #5: "Robot Voice - Revolution" by Elektroniqa
According to the website, songwriter KEv says that he is "Lucky to be able to practice my art - music is a big part of my life. To be able to share it with you - an even greater gift."

Entry #6: "A Robot Overcompensates" by Victor Lams
Victor explains that "This song is about a Motoman PX800 Painting & Coating Robot who is kind of a jerk."

Entry #7: "Tiny Robots" by Mr. Miro
The song that begged for a Robot-Song-Off! Mr. Miro tells us that Tiny Robots "is a quick stab at the more obvious flaws" of Lutheran theologian Ted Peters' account of free will in the book Playing God?.

Entry #8: "sparks fly" by Wildchurch
Knockman says that this is "a ditty written from the perspective of a robot in love - a kind of synthetic chanson."

Entry #9: "Robot Discotheque" by xoxos
According to xoxos, this is "a popular-format song."