Saturday, October 21, 2006

2006 Pieces of Flair Zombie Song-Off

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Will eat away at your free will, or are they more likely to increase our farming productivity? Who cares - what everyone really wants to know is who has the best song about these walking corpses.

Therefore, PoF is hosting its first ever Zombie Song-Off just in time for Halloween. Readers can listen and vote to determine who will walk away Winner of the Pieces of Flair 2006 Zombie Song-Off (and proud owner of a fabulous zombie prize pack).

If in the process the PoF Zombie Song-Off raises some awareness for the Allen Institute for Brain Science, well, all the better.



Entry #1: "Deadly Friend" by Victor Lams
Victor says his song is "about a girl who is beaten to death by her father, re-animated by her geeky boyfriend, and then (after her zombified corpse kills her dad) finally stuffed inside a robot body (predictably comic antics ensue)."

Entry #2: "Zombie Blues" by Tom Smith
This is the elusive live version of "Zombie Blues," apparently recorded by Tim Ryan at PenguiCon 2006.

Entry #3: "Zombi" by Ixox
Ixox explains that "the story is about a zombi who leaves his grave for a vengeance... The zombi was a man who was burned by the holy Inquisition... he has to eat a priest.."

Entry #4: "You humans are delicious" by The Living Dead
The songwriter is open to comments regarding the appropriate level of triangle use for the song.

Entry #5: "PLOT" by The Exhibits
One of The Exhibits says that PLOT is "one of the songs we composed for Chance Shirley's HIDE AND CREEP, available on DVD everywhere. It's like a love song for zombies everywhere. Or something."

Entries #6-8: "Zomby Gurl" by The Shitty Wizards
"Zombie Gurl Reprise" by Sucker-Punchin' Retard
"Zombie Girl" by Ten For Tea
Josh Hotchkin has all three songs posted on his Shitty Wizards MySpace site, but explains that "they are technically all by different bands within the same family of fine music. It's like this contest was made for me. Zombie songs are my passion."

Entry #9: "I Heart Zombies" by The Rigormorticians
One of the Rigormorticians comments that "we can't help but place something zombified" in the song-off.

Entry #10: "Zombies on the Rise" by HeXXXagram
Filmmaker Craig Macnaughton shares that this is the "end credit song for the short film The Secret of Zombie Mountain (Mise-en-Chien Productions)."

Entry #11: "Zomboni" by Markleford
Markleford explains that this is a beach-blanket atomic-zombie soundtrack.

Entry #12: "Zombie garden" by Niko
Niko says that "Zombie garden" is "a bit on the trashy side and a bit short too," but assures us that he "had fun doing it."

Entry #13: "Dawn Chorus of the Dead" by Knockman
Knockman tells us that this song is "one third scott walker, one third gilbert and sullivan and one third something else..."