Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grapple - innocent treat or unholy experiment?


"Imagine the sweet distinctive flavor of Concord grapes combined with the crispness of a fresh, juicy Washington Extra Fancy apple. This Patent Pending process is complex and the ingredient mix primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The poor man's fountain of youth

Magnetized water

Via "What I think is happening is that the magnetite, which is a strong magnetic susceptor is concentrating the earth's magnetic fields into it's cylindrical shape and the shape effect in turn sets up a magnetic spiral vortex in the core of the cylinder in which the water is stored. This in turn activates the water with this magnetic energy. I think this is the activating force for regeneration changes in our bodies as we drink it."

Crochet sea creatures descend upon New York


Via Gooseflesh: The Institute For Figuring is crocheting a coral reef: Using the techniques of hyperbolic crochet discovered by mathematician Dr. Daina Taimina, the Institute has been evolving a wide taxonomy of reef-life forms - loopy 'kelps', fringed 'anemones', and curlicued 'corals.' While the process that brings these models into being is algorithmic, endless permutations of the underlying formulae result in a constantly surprising panoply of shapes."

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Uno


Via LikeCool: "18-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak invented The Uno. It caught our eyes because it's a one wheeled-looking motorcycle, actually its balanced by two wheels set up side-by-side and its footpegs. Operation of the 54.4 kg (120 lb) machine is simple, in fact it's so simple there are no controls except for an on-off switch. To go forward you simply push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back on the seat to tilt it backwards and back it goes."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another damn videogame movie...

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Yeah, I'd see it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More fun with pants!

"We have an excellent selection of gentlemen's trousers just in today. This eye-catching pair even has a keyboard sewn into the crotchal region."

Read the actual description here. The phrase "crotch rocking speakers" makes an appearance.

Via Rachael.

Jellyfish robots

Via Ectoplasmosis: "Festo, a robotics company who has previously designed robots based upon the mechanics of sea creatures, has released video of their newest creations. Based on jellyfish the AquaJelly and Air Jelly are sea and air based, respectively.

"The AquaJelly in particular is especially interesting. The idea is that these autonomous robots can communicate with each other and with aquatic charging stations using LEDs, allowing them to replenish their batteries and work in groups, making it much easier for them to wipe out our naval forces once they achieve self awareness."

1. Support 'Net Neutrality' 2. ??? 3. Get laid

But only if you're a virgin. (Site is almost certainly not safe for work.) Who knew public policy could be so sexy?

Via Shaun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Online Videos by

Via Shaun.

Boxloads o' fun

Via Marginal Revolution.

"Charlie Rose" by Samuel Beckett

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little belated...

..but these costumes are awesome.

Polygamy Remixed

Does the Nuvi 200 know something we don't?


Craig was helpful enough to point out Nuvi's downgrade of Hawaii's status in this recent ad. Not that there's anything wrong with supporting Hawaiian independence.

No Shoes? No Problem.

No need to panic if you find yourself without trainers in London these days. However, "[i]f the thought of sticking your dirty-ass feet into a new pair of shoes that you bought from a vending machine because you somehow lost your regular pair of shoes doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe this machine’s not for you."

Full story.

Via Shaun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When comics meet funnies

Via Newsarama: Evan Shaner re-imagines The Watchmen as a product of Charles Schulz...


...and the Fantastic Four as the brainchild of Hank Ketchum:


Monday, April 21, 2008

Why don't prostitutes get tips?


Via The Perfect Substitute: "Why would it be the case that a prostitute in the spirit of competition not offer potential Johns the opportunity to 'pay' on merit after the transaction? I offer three explanations:

1. The prostitution market suffers from adverse-selection, and Johns are more likely to stiff (pardon the pun) the ladies, making the dominant business model to offer an up-front fee.

2. Consumers would prefer to pay up-front for psychological reasons. When I go to the restaurant and I am considering what the appropriate tip should be, I go through sort of a mental checklist: How was the service? How difficult was I? Did my kids spill drinks on the ground? Did my wife make a complicated order that required lots of amendments? I imagine that Johns would prefer not to reflect on what they just did with a similar checklist just like they may avoid a mirror for some time.

3. Prostitutes can capitalize on a systematic male-ego bias by making them pay first. The male ego says '$xxx sounds reasonable for the hours I am about to have with her' only to then spend a considerably shorter time. If they tipped after the fact they would be tipping on a shorter duration than they would have paid for up-front."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Massage Pants!

Full story.

Via Jacob.



Via TokyoTimes: "The Japanese love of food and fads can only be equaled by the nation’s fondness for fashion, so this new beef-themed beauty from ‘PC Entertainment Company’ Solid Alliance, is possibly the perfect product."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rock out with Beamz

Via Gizmodo: "We saw the Beamz Laser Music System in pictures last week, but little we knew then how totally demented, how amazingly asstupid and musically retarded this 'synthesizer music system' could be in real life.

"Seriously, I had to check twice to see if this was a Conan O'Brien skit or not. Unfortunately, we knew it's just the worst infomercial and product in the history of the internet, available for $600 on April 15."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dreadlocks on the rise


"Dreadlocks, sometimes simply called locks or dreads, are interlocked coils of hair which tend to form by themselves, in all hair types, if the hair is washed regularly and allowed to grow naturally without the use of brushes, combs, razors, or scissors for a long period of time."

Dying to know more? Check out Dreadhead Times and then stock up on product at Dread Head HQ.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Portishead on its way

Via The NYTimes: "on April 29 Portishead releases 'Third' (Mercury/Island), its third studio album and the sequel to 'Portishead,' from 1997. 'Third' is more polymorphous, more extreme, more propulsive and often harsher than previous Portishead albums. Instead of mellowing with age or returning to a signature sound, the band has fractured and splintered that sound, plunging even deeper into loneliness and anxiety."

The album will be streamed free online at LastFM beginning April 21.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bible History # 1

Warning: Mature, but surprisingly biblically accurate, Content.

"Genesis 19, total insanity!"

From the fellow who brought you Washington.

Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century


"Many of the following pages have graphic and clear images of the masculine mustache in all its forms, both sublime and grotesque. My intent is not to shock or titillate, but merely to inform on the subject. The Nineteenth Century gave us many things, but above all it was a hotbed of facial hair experimentation and this is but a poor sampling of those many lost forms."

Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century: The one-stop blog spot for your Nineteenth Century Mustache needs!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steampunk Star Wars

This line is my attempt to redesign the Star Wars Universe in a steampunk style. My Star Wars ReVision line took many of the elements of Star Wars and broke them down and amplified them. This line takes some of Star Wars original steampunk elements and is an attempt to create a classic Victorian steampunk look.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Japanese schoolgirl update: Super Pii Pii Brothers

Full story, pervert.

Via Shaun, who is blogging up a storm at his new digs, Websessed.

Kashi proudly unveils cardboard flavor granola bars


PoF News: As part of its "Subtle Variations on a Theme" campaign, Kashi today announced the release of a cardboard-flavored granola bar as the flagship of its line of fiber-based snack foods.

"This is an exciting time," said Jeff Johnson, senior brand manager and nutritionist for Kashi, in a statement. "Our new line has the same cardboard flavor Kashi fans have come to expect in all of our products, but now in tempting bar form."

Stop Uwe Boll?

BloodRayne II: Deliverance
director Uwe Boll is fed up with the close to 200,000 people who have signed the "Stop Uwe Boll" petition. Will anyone take him up on his idea for a pro-Boll petition?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Would you rather have Dr. Pepper or Chinese Democracy?


Why not both?

Via Billboard: "The soft drink company says it will give a free can of Dr Pepper to 'everyone in America' if 'Chinese Democracy' arrives anytime during the calendar year 2008.

"'It took a little patience to perfect Dr Pepper's special mix of 23 ingredients, which our fans have come to know and love,' Dr Pepper director of marketing Jaxie Alt says. 'So we completely understand and empathize with Axl's quest for perfection -- for something more than the average album. We know once it's released, people will refer to it as 'Dr Pepper for the ears' because it will be such a refreshing blend of rich, bold sounds - an instant classic.'

"Dr Pepper has also launched a blog in conjunction with its offer."

Time to vote

Meshuggah narrowed down the entries in its drumming competition to 11 top videos. Will Lars from Denmark win, or will Yasek from Poland take the prize? Exercise your right to vote!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bastard Boffins

Funny Pictures

Via The Agitator.

Bathing John Malkovich

Yet another Radiohead contest

"Radiohead, iTunes and GarageBand are giving you the opportunity to remix the band's new single 'Nude.'

"Finished mixes can be uploaded here where the public will listen and vote for their favourite remix (voting ends May 1st). Radiohead will listen to the best remixes."

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tall bike mania

"Tall bikes can be used for general transportation and recreation, just like other bicycles. Regular tall-bike commuters note that both their increased visibility and the simple 'wow factor' give them a safety advantage in automobile traffic over 'short bikes.'"

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Behold: the Bacon Bra!

This lady has taken the next logical step in the the bacon-obsessed lifestyle and made a piece of lingerie out of breakfast meat. We report. You decide.

Via Jacob.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tron - with cardboard

Friday, April 04, 2008

New Mutual Kumquat out


"We are super excited to share with you our new self-titled CD "Mutual Kumquat!" The 13 track album is our first self produced album recorded by our very own Drue Gray at Good Intentions Studio. True to Mutual Kumquat form, the music draws from many inspirations including bluegrass, jazz and afrobeat."

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cheap Perfume Song-Off closes, Avril Lavigne ecstatic

Avril rocks

With no entries in the 2008 Pieces of Flair Cheap Perfume Song-Off, Avril Lavigne breathed a sigh of relief today.

"I'm glad no one chose to water down the message that a select few of us true artists have tried to convey about the dangers of cheap perfume," she said happily at a press conference in Los Angeles. "It means a lot to me that PoF readers were willing to respect the artistic integrity of our work rather than mock the meaning it holds to our legions of fans."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Liberating the manatee within

Via the Christian Science Monitor: "'We're among the biggest fans in south Florida. And I mean that literally,' jokes Joseph Love, as he and his teammates make their way to an upstairs room at Shula's Athletic Club, a private gym in Miami Lakes, Fla., owned by another of the state's sporting giants, Don Shula.

"It is here that the Manatees – named after the plump marine creatures also known as sea cows – have been rehearsing twice weekly for the past five weeks to work on their routines, ready for tonight's season opener against the New York Mets at Miami's Dolphin Stadium. After that, they will perform at every home game on Friday and Saturday evenings.

"The Marlins franchise doesn't refer to them as cheerleaders, but as a 'dance/energy squad' and the first of its kind in Major League Baseball. Trim waistlines and high-kicking skills of the kind displayed by the team's more conventional cheerleaders, the Mermaids, are out. In putting together the Manatees, club officials advertised for owners of 'big bellies with the biggest jiggle.'"

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sexy Milk Jump!

From the same guys who brought you Kanye Hands--these dudes have quite a range.

Kanye Hands

New Annuals out today

Via Filter: "North Carolina sextet Annuals are releasing a new EP entitled Wet Zoo via Canbasback with a new full-length slated for early Fall. The buzz-worthy 'net band continue with their experimental indie-pop combining earthy acoustics with electronic flair."

You can check out the some songs here and here.

Mr. Miro lands recording contract


After stumbling upon a copy of "4-Track Mind," Sony BMG CEO Rolf Scmhidt-Holtz immediately sought out Mr. Miro for a meeting to discuss details of a record deal.

At this time both parties are keeping mum about the exact nature of the contract, but it does appear that fans can expect several new albums under the Sony BMG label in the near future. There are even rumors that Mr. Miro may make an appearance as a guest judge on American Idol. Congrats, Mr. Miro!