Thursday, June 12, 2003

In lieu of the recent email debate that has erupted over the title and sitename of this web-backwater of a blog, I thought it might be helpful to post the initial "mission statement" that prompted the whole thing:

...the idea of starting a group-blog. This might prevent the regular spamming of inboxes with pointless, albeit amusing, websurfing gems, provide a repository for the occasional pithy insight, spark juvenile debates, and spread enough of the blame around so no one actually feels responsible for maintaining legitimate content. I have no real interest in spouting off on my opinions or making any kind of known presence on the web (though I’m open to such suggestions). Really, I’m thinking on the much smaller scale of entertaining my friends and keeping inboxes crap-free. I am far too apathetic and lazy to maintain a decent site on my own, and knowing that most of my friends either fit in the same category or are just too busy/uninterested to make a site on their own, I’m thinking a group effort could work...

Given that it has certainly sparked a juvenile debate and generated some pithy insights and amusing gems, I'm calling its first week in existence a success.