Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Got Latin

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I'll see your Baby Got Back by Gilbert & Sullivan and raise you a De clunibus magnis amandis oratio by Mixaloti equitis.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paul Anka covers Nirvana

Via M&C.

Tattoos for toddlers

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Via Neatorama: "Tattoos 4 Toddlers was founded in 2005 by acclaimed body-artist and Michigan entrepreneur Tom Stone to serve the youth tattoo market."

From the Frequently Asked Questions section:

"What is the appropriate age for a tattoo?
"Our critics would have you believe it is 18 years or older. However, with our patented needle free system we've been able to tattoo children as young as 6 months old."


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. T says, "Table the label!"

Via Cruel: "Gloria Vanderbilt, Bill Blass Clavin, Klein, eat your heart out. And remember - table the label, and wear your own name."

Monday, March 26, 2007

T. Rowe Price jumps on the Goatse bandwagon...

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...and takes it to a whole new level with this family shot from the March 2007 issue of their Investor magazine.

Climate change update!

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Via DoL: "According to scientific estimates, the methane gas produced by cows is responsible for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions. And now, German scientists have invented a pill to cut bovine burping.

"'Our aim is to increase the wellbeing of the cow, to reduce the greenhouse gases produced and to increase agricultural production all at once,' said Winfried Drochner, professor of animal nutrition, who has led the ground-breaking project at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. 'It is an effective way of fighting global warming.'"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Got Back by Gilbert & Sullivan

Credit: Todd.

You got my vote.

I have no idea what this is about, but it's great. via Neatorama and Wulfweard the White

Death to the fascist insect....

BoingBoing has a great post about homeowners who have refused to sell out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Muncie schools implement zero tolerance policy for urine in coffee

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"A Wilson Middle School eighth-grader might be expelled after admitting to putting urine in a teacher’s coffee pot on Friday, according to Muncie Community Schools officials.

"Wilson Principal DiLynn Phelps reported that early Friday a male student put urine in a teacher’s coffee pot in the classroom. The teacher noticed that the coffee had an unusual odor and reported it to the principal.

"A letter to all parents of Wilson students from Phelps and Muncie Community Schools Supt. Marlin B. Creasy is being mailed Tuesday stating that 'This type of student behavior will not be tolerated.'"

Creasy's strong words have prompted other schools in the area to reconsider their "Three strikes and you're out" policy when it comes to coffee urination.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whither the Errant Blogger?

Wondering where Mr. Slepko has been lurking lately? He's been busy picking asinine fights with Seattle's The Stranger. Enjoy the carnage from the beginning.

Japanese moms raise future Iron John readers

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If you think you're in bad shape when it comes to re-discovering your inner wild man, imagine what these poor saps are going to have to face:

"Spending hours meticulously perfecting a meal that will be gobbled down in a school cafeteria by her 6-year-old son hardly seems like time well-invested.

"But lunch-box art marries the age-old Japanese penchant for precision and aesthetics with the country's modern, shrinking, affluent nuclear family, where fewer children mean moms have more time and money to lavish on their little emperors.

"Details are prized. Slivers of carrots are sculpted into a crab on a bed of rice; avocado slices, fried tofu and black sesame seeds morph into Frankenstein's face -- with seaweed stitches on his forehead."

Steal the key, young man, steal the key!

Link via Tokyo Times.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

K-Fed fans can still win with The Dice Man

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Kevin Federline recently generated internet buzz again, this time by offering internet searchers the opportunity to win spots at his birthday party. Surprisingly, the party was subsequently canceled due to lack of interest. In any case, there's no need for tears. You can still search and win Meatloaf concert tickets or a phone call with Andrew Dice Clay.

Drew discovers YouTube

"If you don't have a YouTube account, it is a trivial matter to get one, and it will enable you to leave comments, bookmark your favorite videos... these are things you would want to do, regardless.

"It's not often that I can do interactive things on TFD/MTTS, but this whole video thing has opened up a lot of doors. You can publicly comment on all of our videos and make your own videos as responses to our videos. I encourage you to take advantage of YouTube's bandwidth by embedding our videos on any site you like."

Thanks, Drew!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Revenge of the nerds

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Joe Morgenstern at The Wall Street Journal is a bit melodramatic about the movie 300 when he claims its success basically signals the end of culture.

In contrast, Cryptonomicon author Neal Stephenson argues in The New York Times that the movie's success is simply an outgrowth of nerd culture dominance:

"The growing popularity of science fiction, the rise of graphic novels, anime and video games, and the fact that geeks can make lots of money now, have given creators and fans of this kind of art a confidence, even a swagger, that — hard as it is for some of us to believe — is kind of cool now.

"Video games have turned everyone under the age of 20 into experts on military history and tactics; 12-year-olds on school buses argue about the right way to deploy onagers and cataphracts while outflanking a Roman triplex acies formation."

New Modest Mouse now streaming

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Modest Mouse's latest album, "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank," was supposed to be released last year. The release was postponed until today, so it is now officially available in stores for those interested in that sort of thing. If you're the try before you buy kind of person, then you'll be pleased to know the band posted the entire album on their myspace page.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Alex Grey, whose paintings may be familiar to fans of the Beastie Boys and Tool, now has a documentary out about his latest work, The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. While the documentary may cover a decent bit of ground, it fails to explain why Grey has yet to incorporate J. R. "Bob" Dobbs into his work.

Help Tom out

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Thomas Pearson is guest blogging over at and is apparently running out of material. In a recent entry on beards, he issues the following request:

"If anyone else has a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to write me ("

Saturday, March 17, 2007

You Win This Time Irish

You know I must be losing my blog touch when I miss celebrating St. Urho's Day. Happy Un-Urho Day.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just to Brighten up Your Day Credit to John.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ahem ...Marc and Matt Movie Review?

From the wiki entry on Berkshire Hathaway:

Berkshire's annual shareholders' meetings, taking place in the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska, are routinely visited by 20,000 people. The meetings, known for their humor and light-heartedness, typically start with a movie made for Berkshire shareholders. The 2004 movie featured Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of 'The Warrenator' who travels through time to stop Buffett and Munger's attempt to save the world from a "mega" corporation formed by Microsoft-Starbucks-Wal-Mart. Schwarzenegger is later shown arguing in gym with Buffett regarding Proposition 13. The 2006 movie depicted actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Nicollette Sheridan lusting after Munger.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What does he listen to?

Via Green Platic Radiohead: "a clip of Thom Yorke talking about people that have sex while listening to Radiohead. This is appropriate because just this week, Christina Aguilera said that she likes to listen to Radiohead while having sex with her boyfriend."

UPDATE: James - the Christina Aguilera expert in these parts - defends Christina's honor by pointing out that she only cranks up Paranoid Android with her husband.

Credit: Klevay.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Frozen Dead Guy Days

I'm off to celebrate frozen dead guy days in Nederland, Colorado. We should make it just in time for the frozen t-shirt contest and the coffin races. Let's hope it lives up to the hype.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bronson's Loose!

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Via Ruthless Reviews: "If the universe is ever going to start making sense, Paul Talbot, author of Bronson’s Loose! - The Making of the Death Wish Films, will not only receive the Pulitzer that is his due, but also the undying adoration of thousands of fans, all of whom have worshipped at Chuck’s blood-soaked altar for decades.

"[D]espite the outrageous delay in celebrating the five-part masterwork, this is the sort of book fans have been dreaming about: funny, knowing, and full of delightful trivia, it respects the movies while also understanding that with the slight exception of the first, these were cynically crafted exploitation pictures designed solely to titillate, entertain, and rub our noses in appalling violence. And if they were also dripping with misogyny and racial stereotypes, so much the better. At bottom, Talbot never lets us forget why these films remain as popular as ever: the charisma and allure of Charles Bronson."

Mexico's Answer to Disney Land?

Via M&C: "The BBC reports on a theme park in Mexico where one pays to be chased like an illegal immigrant."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

False Advertising

What a disappointment this turned out to be: Denver Unveils Parking Meters for the Homeless

Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

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Via Cynical-C: "Presented here are some of the results of my soul-searching regarding this painful event. Like many citizens, I have many questions that I would like answered: was the mighty Imperial government really too incompetent to prevent a handful of untrained nerf-herders from destroying one of their most prized assets? Or are they hiding something from us? Who was really behind the attack? Why did they want the Death Star destroyed? No matter what the answers, we have a problem.

Click here
for "a summary of my book, Uncomfortable Questions: An Analysis of the Death Star Attack, which presents compelling evidence that we all may be the victims of a fraud of immense proportions."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hobo with a shotgun

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Tired of the same old lame trailers at your local theater? Try out the trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun for a change of pace.

Symbols of war in Japan

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Via Tokyo Times: "Whilst the rather unusually named Prince Pickles may indeed be a little on the cute side to be representing the nation’s trained troops, Kayama-san’s comments do seem a little over the top. I mean, it’s not as though, say, the police force have a similarly silly symbol.

"Well, apart from perky wee Pipo that is."

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The urinal game

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Lately I've noticed an interesting development in a restroom I happen to frequent - a single quarter now rests in the small pool of water at the bottom of one of the urinals.

Accident? I think not.

This is nothing less than a challenge, some sort of social experiment designed to test one's willingness to sacrifice dignity for dollars. Now, personally, a quarter isn't enough to do it for me (while others might jump at the chance, if gender wasn't always getting in the way). But the challenge stands, and thus raises a larger issue - just how much would it take to stick your grubby little fingers in a toilet to fish out some cash?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Crumbs back in the U.S.

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Via Drawn!: Commercialization foes R. Crumb and his wife Aline recently descended upon New York in an effort to get people to buy their books. The New York Times posted a video interview of the happy couple.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Avoid clown clusters

Check out this helpful video on Christian Clown Training before suiting up for the local nursing home. The second installment clarifies the important difference between good and bad touching.