Friday, July 28, 2006

Letter to the editor

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Sometime in the late 1990s, the following letter was published in the pages of The Hillsdale Collegian, Michigan's oldest collegiate newspaper:

"Dear Editor:

"I was quite irked at the absence of Marc and Matt’s weekly movie review two weeks ago. I waited a week in anticipation of a formal apology or perhaps a double issue of movie delight. Once again, I was bitterly disappointed.

"During my tenure here at Hillsdale, I have seen the Collegian have many ups and downs, but through all of its struggles, there has always been a beacon of hope, a voice in the wilderness, a rock that dreams are built upon – Marc and Matt’s weekly movie review.

"Regardless of the volume of tripe published every week, I could always count on being able to flip past the Fed minutes, the Greek Beat, the oh-so-insightful editorial page, and the ever-informative news page to find my weekly bit of cynical, substantive joy. Two weeks ago, you took that away from me.

"I’m angry, embittered and deeply hurt. I’ve sought out answers, all of which have proved empty and unsatisfying. Where there was once meaning, there is now only a cold, empty void. How can you justify this atrocity? In a world fraught with 'unreflective superficiality,' two lone voices venture forth to fight a glorious battle for all that is good; and you silence their battle cry before it can strike fear into the heart of evil.

"Having reflected upon this injustice for over a week now, I have yet to discover any possible justification or seen some greater end for which this crime may have been committed. Perhaps, I say to myself, this was not a crime of passion, but of ignorance. Is it simply the case that the Editor-in-chief knows not what he does? Can he be so blind as to miss the wisdom and value of the weekly movie review? Is the acerbic wit and social commentary lost upon his intellect? I pray this not be so.

"Please restore my faith in humanity and make amends.

"Criant en angoisse

Now, years later, PoF will respond to this desperate plea by hosting the archives of the Marc and Matt movie review column. Dry your tears, Meredith, everything's going to be alright...