Friday, August 06, 2004

Romanian tourist industry faces a crisis:
"Uniform tan" argument no longer acceptable for topless geriatrics

"Police in Romania want a ban on women over 60 going topless on a stretch of beach because they claim it's 'ugly' and likely to deter tourists.

"Police in Constanta county, which is home to one of the Black Sea's top stretches of beach, says they've had scores of complaints about topless older women.

"Police chief Victor Popescu said: 'Going topless has its age limit and old women going topless should understand this.'

"Policeman patrolling the beach have admitted they are often sickened by the sight of elderly women stripping off in the sun.

"Officer Ionut Popescu who patrols the beach in Eforie Nord resort in Constanta said: 'It's always a pleasure to see a young woman, who also has to be beautiful of course, topless on the beach.

'But the irony is it that there are more old women going topless. I find it sometimes quite repulsive. I can understand the idea of wanting to get a uniform tan, but old women should simply give up on it.'"