Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Am I Supersized?

"'We're living in the middle of a witch hunt and fat people are the witches [and the people who don't like fat people are the witch hunters who hunt the witches, who are the fat people],' said Marilyn Wann of San Francisco, a militant member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance [NAAFA]."

Upon visiting the NAAFA wesbite after reading the above story, I couldn't help but notice the lively discussion board, where debates are underway on such topics as heat rash cures, getting onto jet skis, and just exactly who can claim to be supersized:

"I need some help with the definition of supersized as noted on the sigs statement.
It says that this sig is for folks over size 48. My question is what is a size 48? I am not trying to be a smart a** and I'm sad to sound so stupid but I can't find a sizing chart that has that size on it so I just want to know."