Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Make a fashion statement

"The Olsen twin's recent stint in treatment has provided ample fodder for the fledgling design company Randy and Moss, which has launched a line of 'Save Mary-Kate' T-shirts, with intentions of giving a 20 percent chunk of profits to the National Eating Disorders Association.

"But what began as a novelty is quickly turning into something of a controversy.

"'One night we were working on designs and reading magazines that featured Mary-Kate's eating disorder,' says Randy and Moss cofounder Melissa Moss. She and partner Randy Bol, both 25, brainstormed a design and cranked out the tees within a week. The wares were first available via the Website and then on the duo's own blog,, whose rallying motto is 'Together we can do this. One T-shirt at a time.'

"Bol, who concentrated in drawing at Wisconsin University, sketched the picture of Mary-Kate, complete with protruding ribs and a disproportionately large head--an image criticized on some fan sites for being 'grotesque.'

"'Anorexia is not a beautiful thing,' Moss counters.

"'I'm not sure what Mary-Kate needs saving from,' says Michael Pagnotta, the Olsens' rep. He is quick to point out that the shirts are not endorsed by Olsen and suggests that the twins' company, Dualstar, may look into a possible copyright-infringement claim."