Friday, July 02, 2004

The website for the AntiDefamation League makes for some fascinating (albeit dark)reading. Fun facts of the day: "David Duke is the author of African Atto (1973, as Mohammad X) a street-fighting manual avowedly written to help the Klan identify "radical" African-Americans, who would buy the book); Finders Keepers (1976, as Dorothy Vanderbilt) a self-help sex manual for women; My Awakening (1998); and Jewish Supremacism (2002), an updated version of the section, "The Jewish Question," in My Awakening."

I can't decide which one is the creepiest. African Atto is just plain insidious, the anti-semitic stuff is pretty much par for the course, but a self-help sex manual for women written as a woman???? Eww.