Thursday, July 29, 2004

Get your Christmas shopping out of the way

"Planned Parenthood Federation of America is selling the dark shirts with white lettering for $15 on its Web site.

"'It’s not meant to be shocking. It’s meant to be part of a bigger, political and serious conversation,' said Jennifer Baumgardner, who is making a documentary called I Had an Abortion that features women who don’t regret having abortions. The movie, which comes out in January, aims at countering abortion horror stories circulated by the Victims of Abortion group, she said.

"Baumgardner said she has sold about 200 shirts out of her apartment since January. She said her relationship with Planned Parenthood head Gloria Feldt led to Feldt’s offering to sell the shirt. Baumgardner supplied 250 shirts and doesn’t know how many have been sold.

"She said she was happy to have another outlet for the shirts and also to clear space in her apartment for the baby she’s expecting."