Friday, July 16, 2004

And you thought it was only a bad movie...

Sometimes real losers are stranger than fictional ones...

"OHIO - The Bexley Reckers hope to win their fourth national dodgeball championship July 24 in Chicago.

"Many team members are Bexley High graduates. Their ages range from late teens to early 30s. Many have past or current affiliations with the Bexley Recreation Department.

"'Winning the national championship three times puts Bexley on the map,' [staff member Barb Greiner] said. 'It's great what they're doing in this sport and it is what the community is all about -- our families and kids.' Sponsored by NADA (National Amateur Dodgeball Association)[they should have made it Society instead], the tournament is open to male, female and coed teams.

"When the Reckers won both the outdoor and indoor championships in 2001, NADA established a prize called The Bexley Cup. It's awarded to any team that captures both prizes in any one year. One other team besides the Reckers has won the cup.

"David Price has been pursuing a film career and lives in New York. Price and friends appear in the movie 'Dodgeball: A True Underground Story.' According to David Price, he wrote a dodgeball script four years ago and thought that many of his ideas showed up in the movie.

"'The dodgeball movie has helped to rejuvenate us,' said one member."