Thursday, June 22, 2006

What's on your back?

During the downtime from bowling, some people choose to utilize their summer engaging in outdoor activities. These can include such games as seeing who can attract the greatest number of ticks or playing the ever-popular "Identify this rash." As it is wise to be well-stocked with rations and calamine lotion in these scenarios, backpacks are suggested. Here are two helpful possibilities to consider before heading into the wild:

The Yoda Backpack

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"Because nothing says sexy better than dressing up like your favorite Sci-Fi character or running around with Master Yoda on your back. Though fully functional like a real backpack, with room for books and adjustable straps, take a tip from the ladies and stay away or at least hide it for only your most geeky guy moments. Unless of course you find that very special girl whose definition of 'hunky' includes soda gut and the ability to recite verbatim the Jedi Code."

The Carbonated Backpack

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"They are much more profitable and practical than front carrying trays or cooler bags. All of our backpacks are ergonomically designed.

"Types of Beverages: Coca-Cola, draught beer, soda, mixed drinks, Pepsi, carbonated fruit drinks, spritzers"