Monday, June 19, 2006

Introducing The Toothpaste for Dinner Soccer Team

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These guys are too cool: "Their name is ''. That is the name, including the com and everything. I didn't ask these dudes to rep my website so hard, but they did anyway. So I am going to tell you about this soccer team. They are from Pennsylvania and they are mostly under 18 so I am not going to give out their personal information. Unlike everyone I knew in high school they seem to party. The kind of party that you hear about but you don't get invited to, ever.

"The high school parties I went to were like 'Okay, now we're going to watch Monty Python' and just, you know, the whole room is stuffed with Reeboks and Doritos. Dudes have little catfights over whether Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper is better. You know what I am talking about. These soccer guys though, that is how they are rolling, just on a regular Tuesday out of the week, they have a nice shirt on and their pants are clean.

"And they are totally pumped. But anyway. So these guys bought a bunch of shirts from me, which happens here and there, it wasn't too unusual. I didn't hear anything more about it, but then I ran across their myspace page when I was searching for something unrelated on google. And there it was, the Soccer Team."