Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Searchers

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So we pulled up to the Hacienda Real searching for our lost friend, Coca-Cola made with sugar. We'd heard she might be around these parts, and sure enough there was a full supply of bottles behind the counter.

"Are those for sale?" I asked tentatively, pointing to the Coke bottles.


"Are they local?"

"Nope, they're from Mexico."

"Can I see one?"

He hands me a bottle with a nutritional information sticker slapped on the side. I turn it over to read the ingredients and consider launching into my best Al Pacino impersonation: "#%$^ing corn syrup! What the &#(% is that?!? All I want is some ^&*(ing cane sugar in my %^&#ing cola and all I can *$^#ing get my hands on is this &*#^ing high fructose %&$(!! ^*&#!!!!!"

Instead, I chuckled and told the guy no thanks.

We'll just have to keep searching until we find what we're looking for.