Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Check out the full line of Cat Crap products

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"What's that crap hanging around your neck? 3 mm lanyard keeps your SPF 15 Cat Crap lip balm readily accessible all day. Cat Crap included."

"When I first put cat crap on my lips, I noted the fragrant smell of cat crap and could not resist licking the cat crap from my lips to taste it. I must say, since I have been putting cat crap on my lips they have been really smooth."

Also available: Anti-fog lens cleaner

"How to use Cat Crap

"1. Remove any material that will scratch the lens (dust, insects, etc.)
"2. Apply a small amount with your finger to cover the entire lens
"3. Buff the lens with a clean micro fibre cloth or chamois until all Cat Crap has been buffed off.
"4. This will give you a clean streak free lens or visor that is highly resistant to fogging."