Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun with T-shirts

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Americans for Prosperity and Rock the Vote recently waged a cotton war. Here's AFP's press release:

"Americans for Prosperity Foundation is organizing a youth protest of Rock the Vote's June 8 awards dinner in response to RTV's strong opposition to letting America's young workers voluntarily invest part of their Social Security taxes in higher-yielding personal retirement accounts.

"'Claiming to represent the best interests of young people and then fighting every effort to give young people more control over their own money and retirement security is practically the dictionary definition of hypocrisy,' said Americans for Prosperity spokesman Ed Frank. 'I think these t-shirts will fit the Rock the Vote staff very well at their big dinner.'"

And RTV's "Action Alert!":

"They call themselves Americans for Prosperity. They just sent us a box of t-shirts that mimic our I LOVE SOCIAL SECURITY shirts [but instead read I Love Hypocrisy]. A flattering imitation. But here's the thing: our t-shirts are UNION MADE IN THE U.S.A. Supporting the American way of life. Their shirts are MADE IN GUATEMALA. Probably in a sweatshop." (THE HORROR!)

"Now which group is really americans for prosperity, and which group is really a bunch of hypocrites? Get your I LOVE SOCIAL SECURITY shirts today!"

Who would wear any of this crap? It's nice to see activists being productive with their time and other people's money.