Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bono must have the last word

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"When a star stops shining, when the drummer stops drumming, when the song comes to an end, there is silence.

"And so it is with death. But the sombre loneliness of death is soon broken by the tributes. Family and friends pay homage to the dead one's life - his personal and professional achievements. Some of these tributes are simple, haltering words spoken by grieving relatives. But some tributes come from more stranger sources...

"Often first on the scene to pay tribute is Mr Bono, the lead singer of U2. It doesn't really matter who has died. It could be a rockstar, a poet or a politician, but Bono will often take time off from wrestling with the twin Gods of irony and conviction to offer a few words of solace.

"Now - for the first time in colour - themanwhofellasleep has collected together a few of hair-weave-hero Bono's most poignant tributes to the dead."

Here's one more - to Samuel Beckett:

"It's kind of sad he never made it home, but he dreamt of other lands, of another home, Where The Streets Have No Name." (cue guitar)