Thursday, October 21, 2010


With many thanks to the AV Club's "Great Job, Internet", I am pleased to share the Bayifier.

But when looking for an image to 'splodify, I was torn. It could be a look at the quiet street in New York City's West Village where I work, a photo of my precious kitty, or even a mutha-fuckerization of my own portrait. But on the wall of my office hung the answer.

Chagall's work frequently featured the sleepy Slavic city-scape of Vitsyebsk, Belarus, his birthplace and where I had the pleasure of living for eight months while I finished my grad work. But Belarus is a tragic country, where the people have endured centuries of war, dictatorship, and cultural oppression. Only a visionary like Michael Bay could tell us another, more empowering story. With the Bayifier, Belarus is a land the Bolsheviks would fear to tread upon and Hitler would bypass on his way to Moscow.