Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A solution to voter apathy


Maria Elena Salinas writes in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about her fears for the upcoming presidential election:

"[T]here is something going on out there that concerns me. I have heard too many people say that they are so confused or disenchanted with both candidates that they are thinking not of crossing party lines, but of not voting. Can you imagine?"

Attacking voter apathy is something all party officials seem to agree on, and yet no one seems to have a good answer on how to defeat it. Ironically, the answer has been readily available since at least the 1920's, and it is cheap, easy and reliable.

As Time reports, in its 1924 election, Italy managed to achieve the highest voter turnout rates in its history thanks to the use of a simple home remedy: castor oil.

Perhaps the targeted use of this tool would help Americans finally learn the value of their vote. That way, come November either Obama or McCain will truly be able to claim that they have the people's mandate.