Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eric gives pointers on achieving academic excellence

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A selection from a recent criminal behavior class essay:

"If a rogue knew that they were so incredibly skilled at pickpocketing, so high in rank at their ability, that they only stood a one in twenty chance in being caught at stealing coins from unsuspecting townsfolk, they would be far more likely to do so than if they were a bumbling orc with poor dexterity."

Comments on professor's response to the above:

"Does he mention any of my tangental crap? Nope, he just lists extra junk I didn't mention. I was docked for not mentioning the Scared Straight Program, which had about as much relevance as D&D.

"The moral of the story here is to know how your teacher (or in some cases your T.A.) reads papers. I got A's after this by simply inserting all the possible key terms from the material he could be scanning for instead of actually trying to write a coherent narritive or make any plausable argument."