Monday, June 14, 2004

Todd Seavey on Pieces of Flair:

“I don't understand where the blog is or how to get to it, whether as a reader or contributor. Not that I'm saying that's a problem or anything.”

“Calling the site FreeMumia does _nothing_ but confuse and alienate…are _any_ of us -- Meredith included -- still laughing at that name?”

“NRO or PoF? Hard to tell the difference sometimes.”

"Looook, nod everyting aboud da Nazis wass grim. Dey hod piezes of flair dey hod da Jews wear, right?"

“It’s the new memepool.”

“A lotta bang for your buck.”

“I read the one news source that matters: PiecesOfFlair. Thank you, PiecesOfFlair.”