Thursday, June 24, 2004

Meet Michael Ray Vanmeter, self-proclaimed Redneck Vampire

Michael Ray Vanmeter claims to have become a vampire in the first part of the 19th century while working on the railroad that was constructed through the Okeefenokee Swamp. Although it's still unclear how the transition from mortal human to vampire actually happened, Michael Ray claims to be at least 211 years old.

Throughout the six weeks we documented Michael Ray, we came up with no conclusive evidence to prove that he was or wasn't a vampire. He spent most of his time playing lotto, drinking beer, and "huffing" at the Ft. Leeds 'Yes Pump Gas'. He has what appears to be fangs like a vampire, he claims to drink blood, but his most outrageous claim is of his immortality.

Rhonda Pitts was born and raised in Ft. Leeds. She is employed at the Merle Hagard Chick-n-Burger in Madison and has been involved with Michael Ray for anywhere between 2 and 71 years. Rhonda has done little to discredit Michael Rays claims that he is a vampire. She claims that his nocturnal activities are no different than anyone elses. "He eats, shits, and fucks like the rest of 'em!". When asked how she thinks this documentary will effect her and the people of Ft. Leeds she reponded, "Go back to Hollywood, Fuck Stick!!"