Wednesday, July 07, 2010

God bless those Anonymous 4chan kids

"Now those Internet wisenheimers over at 4chan have a new solution. If you can't get Bieber off the Internet, send him to North Korea! It seems those zany pranksters up and bombed the " Justin Bieber My World" contest, making North Korea ahead by a furlong in the singer's Web vote to choose which country he'll take his tour to next.

"Last week, the 4chan website's puckish /b/ message board members posted invites and even a detailed mission plan to make this prank a reality. "North Korea" quickly soared to the head of the pack late last week, as /b/ boarders bombed the Bieber site with votes. North Korea stands at 602,827 votes at the time of this post. By comparison, Israel is second, with 596,257 votes."


Via Gil