Monday, April 05, 2010


Yvette's Bridal Formal is located in beautiful Panama City, Florida. Yvette's is open till 6 P.M. Yvette's was established in 1980. Yvette's has Garters & GLOVES!!

Elder Futhark
Visigothic Gaul
Land of Mist
Light the Hall
Kronus Magnus
Lead onward fro
Flickering Shadows
Dimming Low

a thousand and one Thank
Yous to the young woman who
loves the NightQueen,
Antressa the Theophlosser !!~*

For all this, some Old Timey Country Cookin' Recipe's [sic], a chance to order a portrait of President of the United States Barack Obama by World Famous Artist Sean Terrence Best, and a virtual concert of public radio scraps (without a pause button), be sure to visit Yvette's.