Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, I get it! I get jokes!

The above is quite funny by itself, but Lady Thatcher wasn't quite sure that anyone would get it or whether this Monty Python "fellow" ought to be trusted in the first place. Writes her former Private Secretary:
Finally, we got to the day of the speech. The text was finished, it had been typed up on to the autocue and we had completed the final rehearsal at which she practiced her delivery and the inflexions of the speech. However, as we waited for her to go on to the stage to deliver the speech, she was still worrying about the passage and looking for reasons that it might not work. Just as she was about to go on, another doubt arose in her mind. She looked at me and said anxiously: ‘John, Monty Python – are you sure that he is one of us?’

To try to explain to her that Monty Python did not really exist would have been to risk disaster. I therefore did not even try and instead said to her: ‘Absolutely, Prime Minister. He is a very good supporter.’

As recorded in: Margaret Thatcher: A Tribute in Words & Pictures by Iain Dale

Barely relevant headline allusion here.

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