Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Barack O'Buddha


Via The Boston Globe: "David Chalat, a sculptor from Sedona, Ariz., does a brisk business selling decorative soaps, and hasn't ventured far into the political arena before. But one day this spring, he came across the pro-Obama viral video created by singer will.i.am, and found a new source of inspiration. Before long, he had created a 5-inch-tall soap structure in Obama's likeness, along with a candle that places the Democratic candidate on Mount Rushmore, in place of Thomas Jefferson."

Like the Mount Rushmore candle, the Barack O' Buddha candle, "inscribed with the sacred mantra 'Om..Yes We Can..Om,' may be perfect for worship, but it is currently sold out. Perhaps you can start an online petition to urge him to make more.

Thanks for the heads up, Julie!