Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Anniversary to Remember

November 12, 2008: 38th Anniversary of Oregon's exploding whale:

While PoF likes to keep you abreast of current cultural detritus and the latest tomfoolery, every now and then it helps to look back at where we came from. This will give us direction as we plunge headlong into the uncertain future, or at least they told us something like that in college. No matter what happens in the financial markets, when I'm hunkered down in my survival compound, I will remember that whales, civil servants and dynamite do not mix.

Evidently, dead whales sometimes spontaneously combust, so there's really no way of determining when this hidden menace will strike.

Proving that this topic is very important/relevant, here's the wikipedia entry and snopes page.

Incredibly, there are folks with more time on their hands than your humble PoF posse. Witness,