Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One man's quest for beard domination

Beard Style: "Rap Industry Standard"
Style Points: 9.0

Jon Dyer is a man on a mission of epic proportions: to boldly photograph himself sporting every beard/mustache style ever imagined by the mind of man. Judging by the dates on his entries, he's at least spent ten years on the project thus far though his dedication to the project appears to wax and wane. Still, a valiant and noble effort--bully for you, good sir!

Also, and this may be the mushrooms talking, it seems like Mr. Dyer has been profiled on this here blog before and he certainly deserves to have been, but my diligent keyword searches return no matching results. We PoFers have never shied from facial hair blogging, but let me repent in advance if I have repeated my esteemed co-bloggers efforts.

Via Rachael.