Friday, May 16, 2008

Guitar Zeros - the limitations are limitless

Via the CSM: "Next time you see someone on stage gripping a PlayStation controller, don’t assume a video-game competition is about to start. It could be geek rocker Owen Grace, whose instrument of choice is the guitar-shaped control pad from the popular game series, Guitar Hero.

"By hooking up the controller to his laptop and writing some code, Mr. Grace has turned the plastic toy into a full-on synthesizer. Now, with each button he mashes, the guitar howls like the real thing.

"Grace, who rocks out beside a real drummer and singer, is in tune with a new wave of experimental music. Scores of amateur hackers have cracked open, reprogrammed, and commandeered video-game technology to create real-time original music.

"Grace and his band, the Guitar Zeros, encourage others to join the movement. Their website hosts step-by-step instructions for converting a Guitar Hero controller into a hacked ax."