Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Texas Roadhouse as theology

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Pasadena - PoF News reports that an important new text by the now deceased Southern Baptist theologian James William McClendon Jr. was recently uncovered. The book, Texas Roadhouse as Theology, was apparently intended as a follow-up to McClendon's earlier work, Biography as Theology.

While details are just emerging, it appears that McClendon was increasingly skeptical of faith claims and saw in "Willie's Corner" an apt metaphor for his existential angst. Below is an excerpt:

"And so, we are left with the question of what to make of Willie's Corner. That hallowed space is filled with indications of his presence, but was he ever truly there? Even if so, he no longer remains. We must abide in the absence of Willie. Indeed, can we dare hope that Willie will one day return? I can't go on; I'll go on."

While the surfacing of the manuscript raises a number of questions about McClendon's life and career it does also answer others, such as why a pair of "Willie braids" was found among his possessions.

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