Thursday, August 28, 2003


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"Japanese people are stereotyped as being uncreative and lacking in originality. The most common image of a japanese man is a 'salariman' in a grey suit riding on a 'bullet train' full of identically dressed men. But in fact, when he gets home at night, the porn comes out, and he's going to be much more creative and 'unique' than you or I. He's wearing an Airline Stewardess uniform and boxing gloves, watching a DVD of broccoli being put up someone's butt. Let's face it, Japanese porn consumers are so utterly perverted that the industry can't invent new kinks fast enough.

"That being said, this site isn't really porn. There's no dirty pictures, or even dirty words. It's just really naughty anthropology! The infamous used-panty vending machines are just the tip of the iceberg.

"Why did I make this site? Because even though both the internet porn AND the japanese porn are world-famous. . . . For some reason, I couldn't find a dictionary of japanese pornographic terms on the internet!"